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The BEST Disney World Counter Service Restaurants in 2021

Whether you’re looking for a great deal on a meal for the whole family or you just need to grab a quick lunch in Disney World you don’t want to end up with bad …

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  1. My family loves Pecos Bill's so much, if we are having a hard time trying to decide which park to visit, Magic Kingdom often gets the nod just for this reason! Of course, these days all plans have to be made WELL in advance. Not a problem for us. We are in the habit of starting our planning the same week we get home from our last trip. We buy theme park tickets (and make park reservations) at least eight months before we go. We like that we don't have to make reservations at Pecos Bill's.

  2. Would you please do a keto/ diabetic list? Real food isn’t as hard to find but desserts are! They used to have a no sugar brownie but now all I kind find is no sugar ice cream at Disney Springs. Thanks!

  3. I love the Columbia harbor house, but it’s closed now.Sleepy Hollow has amazing fruit and Nutella waffles.Yak and yetti sit down is incredible.

  4. Thanks for this list! This is our first trip in years that doesn’t have the deluxe dining plan attached, so we’re doing a test to see if we don’t need it anymore!

    Thanks again!

  5. I was at the Sleepy Hollow and asked about the Nutella waffle, the cast member said even though it says on the menu it is only available in the morning they make it all day. You just have to ask for it. So I was able to get one in the late afternoon.

  6. Yak and Yeti local food cafes has a vegetable tiki masala that’s probably my favorite counter service meals in Disney. I’d order it at a sit down restaurant if they had it

  7. Any tips for quick service with food allergies? I often need to see an allergy-friendly menu to know if a place is an option for me. Wondering how to do that with needing to reserve a pick time so far in advance.
    (Often sit down is a better and safer bet, but wondering if I have some options to keep costs lower)

  8. "head to the chippy next door!" yay AJ! all you need is a liking for milky tea, and non descript hard whitish biscuits and, oh, to find anything larger than a small portion of a food stuff sweet or otherwise "sinful" to be near off limits and,,,, you are 3/4 British!

  9. If you google the magic kingdom, happily ever after fireworks it has a reopening date of July 21st, could be a confirmed date? Thumbs this up so they can see

  10. I love your info, just one thing I would like to see. You seem to focus a lot on places to eat for "picky eaters". I would like to see more videos for where to eat for more "adventurous eaters". If I'm in Disney World I want something new and exciting; not something I can get anytime or anywhere. That's just my opinion for what it's worth.

  11. Just got my first role offered to me as a cast member working for the mouse at the abc commissary in Hollywood studios I'm sooo excited to start

  12. We've been going to Disney for our anniversary since 2019. The past 2 years our anniversary dinner was at Chicken Guy. 😊 You bet we'll be there this October too! We love it!
    We also love Flame Tree Barbecue! 😃

  13. Rays starlight cafe in magic kingdom is a great option for an economic meal. You can get a 1/2 chicken meal fairly cheap (relatively) and watch the Ray animatronic show. Very filling. Keep in mind only one of the “bays” has the chicken.

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