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THE BEST FALAFEL RECIPE | crispy fried and baked falafel (vegan)

Are you ready for the best falafel you’ve ever tasted (whether fried or baked)? Falafel are delicious balls of chickpea and herb goodness that you find in Middle …

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  1. Hi friends! I'm excited to finally share this video (I've been working on this recipe for quite a while!). These falafel are delicious and have SO much flavor. But I'd love to hear…which method is your favorite to cook them? It's always a toss up for me. 🙂 Hope you're enjoying your summer! xo – Lisa

  2. I made it yesterday using your recipe and the shallow fry method and it was one of the best falafels I have ever eaten. I am going to make it for my friends and family when they come over to visit me. Can you share the recipe for gluten free pita bread?

  3. Hi there….I'm really enjoying your channel and have picked up so much valuable information 😊
    Please can you tell me which thermometer you used ? I'm looking to buy one and need recommendations. Keep up the excellent work 👌👌

  4. Hey I love your channel and recipes sounds like a lot things I make and eat 🙂 Being Jordanian I posted a traditional falafel recipe with some extra steps to having a very fluffy oven baked falafel, head out to my channel and take a look at it if your interested.

  5. Hi, I tried the recipe and the falafels turned out delicious! Had pan-fried the falafels, because I prefer less oily food. Made the falafels with your tahini sauce recipe on the side. Thank you for the recipe! 🙂

  6. I followed the same recipe and it only made me 8 falafel. You'll definitely need to double the recipe if your a family of 5 or more. Other then that, the falafels taste amazing!!!! Yuuuummmmy!!!!😋

  7. Beautiful job on all three methods!!!! And thank you so much for the heads up about Hakosem (from this 20 year Gluten Free Celiac)!!! 💗🙏🌺😘

  8. Falafel mi oluyor Dom Dom Kurşunu…

    İnce ince bir kar yağar…..

    Bir Siklet İki Siklet Üç Siklet….
    Her kez aynı şeyi anlamıyor….
    Hançer yarası değil Dom Dom kurşunu değdi….

    Kim bilir neden bahsediliyor….

    Horasani döktürüyor….
    İran daki Horasan….
    Horasanın Batısı….
    Horasanın Doğusunda var mı…?
    Hiç bakmaya vaktim olmadı…
    Diğer Toplumlar da da görülüyor…..
    Aynı yere ulaşım mı…?

    Kaf dağı ne….?
    Anka Kuşu ne…?
    Kaf dağı nerede…?
    Anka kuşu nerede…?
    Phenix aynı yere ulaşım mı…?
    Devlet memurları Devlet Zimmetlileri arasında….?

    Neden bahsedildiği belli değil….

  9. Thank you for going slow, talking at a good pace, staying on track and showing us exactly what you’re doing. I watch so many cooking videos on here.. and I appreciate 100fold that you didn’t take a bite and go MMmMm MMmM. (It’s my biggest pet peeve, like yes we know you think it’s good we get it.) !!! Also I got so excited when you said you had actually practiced these recipes enough to share different ways??? This is like the holy grail of learning after all the crap I’ve waded through. Definitely gonna go through more of your videos thank you so much for teaching us something for free

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