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The BEST Fluffy Vegan Pancakes 🥞 + My New Plant Based Cookbook! | Vlogmas Day 1

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  1. I just love your videos so much! They are so wholesome, comforting and relatable. You both bring a lovely energy, thank you for sharing the little snippets of your lives with us. Much love from Australia x

  2. in your mac and cheese recipe, it says to use „pesto cheese“… but i couldn’t work out what you meant by that! maybe you’ll see this comment and can help me understand 😂

  3. You can publish it yourself on paper via ingramspark for about £50 it will then distribute across the world and sell in online sites such as Amazon etc and you can also order your own copies at cost and sell via your own channels

  4. I absolutely love your recipes and content! 😘 I have a request, I am pregnant and anything that has onions and garlic in it makes me sick… The worst food aversion I could have had because I usually love them and use them lots. It's quite hard to find good onion garlic free recipes sooo I was wondering if you have some tips Madeleine?

  5. I dig the mustache. I vote Alex keeps it. We love a sexy mustache here in Philly. Keep that jawn ❤️❤️❤️ looking forward to digging into your new cookbook! Congratulations! 🎉

  6. When i preordered the book I also bought the other one. I'm so glad I did it because they were an early Birthday present to myself and the books are wonderful.

  7. Genuine curiosity if you're able to share: do you split profits with your mother and friend? Or did you pay them an hourly rate or a flat fee? Just wondering how this works!

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