The Best Munchies – 6 Quick & Easy Recipes | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

… steak in a toaster – the best quick & easy recipes to cure the munchies. SUBSCRIBE: | MERCH: ORDER MY KNIFE …

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  1. To all of you people making food videos, we are not interested in commentary!!! Just make the video quick and short, we’re looking for video recipes, not 30 min movies of you cooking

  2. I suggest that someone who is high enough to have the munchies should have nothing to do with deep-frying any thing. That's just a third degree burn waiting to happen.

  3. Did this last weekend but to follow my keto diet I scrapped pizza toppings off of crust into egg and made a pizza omelet.
    Amazing.. I told wife why has nobody done this before and then today I stumble on this.. same but different..

  4. Wow~~~ Shin Ramyun is here 🤩🤩I eat a lot of Shin Ramyun in Korea.👍Cheese in Shin Ramyun.. I wonder what it tastes like 🤗I'm going to try the rest of the pizza with eggs. Thank you for good information 💟

  5. I just got this video recommended to me and the fried waffle sandwich gave me an epiphany. Do the pancake batter then get a McDonald's sausage McMuffin…or a biscuit and then fry it like that. I would even do it with the egg and cheese.

  6. I'm not one to get high, however, I do love food, and those pizza eggs doesn't sound like a bad idea.

    Also, that bacon and captain crunch pancake might be the greatest invention i've ever seen sir.

  7. After seeing this video it's even more unbelievable that you would actually have to "admit" for anything 4/20 related and perhaps even have people still being surprised… while I sit here and assume that his whole cooking career basically has been inspired and led to its success by 4/20 feeling… I mean, have you seen Not Not Tacos? That's basically a restaurant for munchies 😀 no offense, I dig it… Hope one day I'll get to try Not Not Tacos…

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