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The Best Vegan Cream Cheese You Can Make at Home

Today’s recipe is a super easy and cheap way to make the best vegan cream cheese you can make at home. This tofu cream cheese is the perfect vegan …

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  1. I make pasta sauce with tofu all the time! I use soft/silk or medium tofu, drained but not pressed. I add salt, pepper, lemon juice, garlic powder, onion powder, nutritional yeast if I have it, whichever herbs I’m feeling, and a tiny dash of nutmeg. Then I blend it all up until smooth. If you heat it too aggressively, or let it sit too long it can spilt but it’s so creamy and delicious, even if it does.

  2. I JUZT MADE THIS!!!!? CONFITMED THIS IZ DELCIIOUS! And I I used extra firm tofu cause that’s all I had and it turned out greAT just needed a lil bit more almond milk added

  3. I use a similar recipe from hot for food that folds in fresh basil, thyme, dill, and chives at the end and it’s AMAZING. Highly recommend adding some fresh herbs if you have them. Excited to try your version!

  4. Cheese Filling Dishes

    Whatever Cheese's that really make the food taste that pop.
    With parsley, spinach, bitter melon, green onion, green pepper, and green bell pepper.
    With seasonings of choice it feels best for this dish.

    A meal that you can put it in something.
    Whatever you think would be best for your type of cooking.

    When you're able to.

  5. My first thought was it doesn’t taste like cream cheese. My second thought was that the dill makes this recipe. It is better than cream cheese if you ask my. I just eyeballed the ingredients. It is delicious. Thank you for

  6. Store bought vegan cream cheese is def still a bit pricey in nyc, but pretty much every bagel shop here carries a soy based cream cheese of some sort, and it’s priced the same, or similarly to the dairy ones usually.

  7. I think I will Like this recipe, it looks simple and tasty, certainly will make this! You forgot to say tofu has a good amount of Protein! I seem to always be counting my grams of protein to get my daily 70 grams! Thanks! You were very clear and concise, so, I subscribed!

  8. tofu does have fat tho…100g has about 5g of fat, 8g of protein and 2g of carbs. still super healthy but definitely not low fat!

  9. I’ve just started following your channel – I’ve been vegan for years. More plant lately base because I occasionally cave when it comes to “Yorkshire pudding” my son is vegetarian he loved Yorkshire puddings. You are so down to earth and relatable. I’m subscribed 👌

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