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THE BEST VEGAN GREEK YOGURT – healthy – rich – decadent | Connie's RAWsome kitchen

rich and decadent I am sure you will enjoy this as much as my family does, enjoy! You can now support me on Patreon. I will be…

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  1. I saw a recipe the other day for plant base yogurt starters by Maddykoko. I totally thought of you. He took chili pepper crowns and put them into a cup of milk (he boiled it first but he said that, that isn't necessary). He covered the milk let it ferment overnight on his counter. It was ready the next day to use. No expensive probiotics, no need for leftover batches, no nuts, no expensive canned coconut milk (unless if course you want too) just your favorite plant base milks. You should check it out 😊
    Btw…my new favorite"Greek" yogurt is now Connies Greek Cashew and Coconut milk yogurt 😉😁😁😁

  2. So far I've tried this with the soaked desiccated coconut that I meantioned. I really love the flavor but it's very pulpy. Blends up beautifully after its been fermented and refrigerated. I'm in the middle of using almonds. (Not my favorite), but I already had almonds soaking. next I think I'm going to try coconut "butter". Then of course the cashews. I saw a recipe where they used 2 cans if coconut milk, probiotics and let it ferment that was all but that one mighty be way too much fat.

  3. Connie, thank you for ALL the time you've spent perfecting such amazing recipes AND sharing them with us. I really appreciate how you present them and explain everything in detail while you're making them. Could one use rejuvelac in place of the water and probiotics? Or what amount of rejuvelac could be used to replace the probiotics? Would vegan lactic acid powder work in place of the probiotics and how much? I'm also thinking of using coconut cream instead of the cream from coconut milk.

  4. Hi Connie ..I’m amazed at all your recipes!!!…..I love being a vegan…you’ve added another dimension to my life…
    If instead of the probiotics I use a bought coconut cultured yoghurt many spoons would I need?

    Thank you


  5. i am going to give this recipe a try, however I will replace the cashews with either coconut butter or soaked desiccated coconut. Which do you think will work out better? I live for coconut yogurt. I don't care for the taste of soy and I feel like the nut alternatives can sometimes be a bit heavy and can have this weird almost slick like mouth feel that makes it better for cooking than eating.

  6. I am so happy 😊 you posted this recipe. I am aniflacticly allergic to milk, milk products and whey. I had a bowl of cereal one day when I was pregnant with my 2nd son and it put me in the hospital close to a coma. Of course this was before I knew it could kill me, the stories I could share 😉…lol. Anyway I live for a huge bowl of coconut yogurt with a banana and a dollop or 3 of strawberry preserves but it's so expensive I don't have it to often. Other yogurt making recipes are a such a long complicated process that it's a turn off…again thx! 👍

  7. That looks really good, Connie! I've been on a yogurt making kick recently, using my 1970s era yogurt maker. Mostly soy yogurt lately, but this is added to my list! Might make it this weekend if I have any cashews left since I'm almost out of yogurt as it is. Thanks for posting!

  8. Hi Connie love your recipe you need to go on amazon and look for kitchen aid gourmet blender spatula model kn036ohaqa it’s clean blades perfectly 👌

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