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The Best Vegan Products in 2020… Drunk Review! – OUR TWISTED KITCHEN

The Best Vegan Products in 2020… Drunk Review! – OUR TWISTED KITCHEN Welcome back to Our Twisted Kitchen, where we show you how easy it is to …

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  1. Which product looks the best to you?! Cheesecake, ice cream, seitan, Mac and cheese, wheatberry, or Smirnoff 😜 Also, I realize that a lot of these shots are out of focus! Please be patient as I try to improve upon these things!!

  2. The only two things I've had was the Annie's Mac n cheese….I think years ago and didn't like it. But Ben and Jerry's has awesome non dairy flavors!! There is a Oreo peanut butter one that is ah-mazing!!

  3. Ah, squeezy bottle vodka. Not fit for drinking–Belvedere or Valentine for that–but good for the Ol' Ukrainian Vodka Cure: At the first sign of tummy rumbling after a restaurant meal, take one capful of squeezy bottle vodka, straight. Wait 20 minutes. If tummy rumbling persists, take another capful. If this doesn't correct the stomach trouble, go to Emergency, because you have more serious food poisoning!

    I am amazed by the new vegan foods that are coming on the market every month. Sweet Earth foods are really impressing me, and I had no idea Amy's made a vegan mac and cheese. As for the Daiya cheesecake: Booooo! But I'm offended by most of their products, so I'm no judge : ) TFP!

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