The Chocolate Sphere Dessert Pressure Test | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World

Cryssi and Josh face off each other in a pressure test for the last spot available in the Top 3. They are given a challenging task of replicating a tempered …

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  1. The only things I heard during the video
    Yas bud
    _minutes! You only have _____minutes!
    I’ve given up way too much to give up!
    My toffee sponge looks spectacular!
    I’m shaking like a leaf!
    The sphere looks great!

  2. If crissi would have won, then only because she's a woman with funny hair.

    The balloon was a nice trick, which can work when the chocolate is applied thick enough, when I use a balloon in the kitchen I layer the chocolate after quick stops in the fridge, the trick is to let the chocolate flow over it to create an evenly coated surface.
    She just used the wrong method, that's why it looked bad
    With a result like that, you should alway's get kicket out of a show that calls itself MasterChef.
    Because perfection and esthetics is a thing that exists, if my apprentice would make a dome like that I'd throw it back in the pot to melt again and encourage him to do it again, it's inacceptible.

  3. If I was any of those chefs…I wouldn't take just one bite out of the contestants dish….I would finish their whole dish

  4. What they really want is a good story. I'm quite sure the guys dish was better in a lot of aspects, but they equalized both the dishes to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. Like come on guys, its a tv show.

  5. The judges' comments are so good, friendly, spirit, n kind. Not like in MasterChef Indonesia, the judges'comments are very very hot and maybe will hurt.

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