The Craziest Chopped Mystery Basket Ingredients of ALL TIME | Food Network

Chopped is a cooking competition show that is all about skill, speed and ingenuity. Each week, four chefs compete before a panel of expert judges and turn …

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  1. All the shows , especially the cooking competition shows are fake as all hell . All of them from Chopped to the so called Tournament of Champions is complete and utter bullshit . Just full of gimmicks and deception.

    I refuse to watch this garbage .

  2. People are going crazy about goat brains. It's just enhanced fat. It's a flavor enhancer in a lot of dishes, you rarely be able to cook it whole since it melts like butter.
    This is the reason why Hannibal loves brains lmao.

  3. They throw some nasty @$$ crap in those baskets. It’s part of the game show aspect of it. When poofy chefs start saying stupid scheiss like, ‘I never cook with that. A can? OMG, I’ve never opened one. I have 2 Michelin stars. I’ve been cooking for decades. The judges don’t know what they’re talking about’. Then they’ll proceed to either bury the ingredient or plop it on the plate last second. Ha! I put the unicorn barf candy on the side. Drag your fork through it if you’d like. A show where you’ll hear judges say stuff like, ‘his intestines were very tender’. The nastiest ingredient is corn fungus. Huitlacoche. They often include that in the dessert basket. Natto, a fermented soybean, is really slimy. And ya gotta love when they put a hotdog cake in there. Mmm, potato salad surrounded by wienies with pickles on top. What to do with that, huh? Really hysterical show. The chefs don’t realize that it’s a game show. Not a representation of what type of chef they are or what they traditionally serve. Stop complaining and play the game. It’s not about ego. It’s about embracing the weirdness of taking 4 disparate ingredients and making them cohesive.

  4. Poor chefs. 😝😁

    Canned chicken – could be used in soups, casseroles, burritos, tacos, curries, etc.
    That slime is the gelatin great chefs are going for when boiling bones, cartilage, etc.
    Brains – I won't eat them but a lot of people eat them fried with eggs or fried in burritos and tacos with the usual seasonings and accompaniments.
    Veal balls – could probably be fried, country fried, or grilled. No clue.

  5. This is so nasty. These aren’t delicacies—it’s just weird for the sake of weird. Just because eating something won’t kill you doesn’t mean you should eat it. Barf.

  6. The person who is reading this, I pray that may you stay blessed always and may your all good wishes come true, I have a wish too that I make my this Food Channel successful, your support will help me///// 😊

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