The Dressing to Make You Eat More Salad!

I’ve never been a salad eater…that is until I came upon this delicious dressing! Deep roasted sesame flavour in a dressing that’s not too light, not too rich, with …

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  1. YES!!!! Cut those weeds down to size! Everyone making dishes chops things so that only one ingredient at a time can fit on the fork or spoon. It defeats the whole purpose of making a dish with multiple ingredients. I want a little of everything in my bite and don’t want to make others work so hard cutting and chopping to have that bite!

  2. When I went to Japan I ate more salad than ever in my life because of that dressing… I love it… Fortunately, finally they are being imported in my country 🙌🏻… but I'll definitely try this recipe

  3. Whats the point to eating salad if your gonna add this dressing that has 140 calories and tons of fat per 2 tbsp this is gonna be completely contrary to the point of eating salad

  4. I feel the same way about eating salad. Why are the pieces of greens so big?! When I make salad, I chop it into small pieces that fit gracefully in my mouth. Haha…. I’m definitely trying this dressing with my chopped salad. 😁

  5. I cut my salad with scissors! Used to hate the big chunks then my Korean friends introduced me to chopping salad with scissors and now i do that all the time! Its amazing! I eat much more salad now

  6. Nice video, only 2 things: 1 since you said you were breast feeding: mirin contains alcohol… if you cook it a bit before, the alcohol will evaporate … and 2nd: you can use sushi vinegar with sugar in it and just save on the honey… And I too eat more salad since I found out the recepie 😋

  7. Maybe it’s delicious,but I’m not going to buy 10 things to make my dressing.I just use olive oil and lemon 🍋 or olive oil and vinegar. However I like the idea adding sesame seeds 🙏🏻

  8. I finally rounded up all of the ingredients to make this recipe which was no small feat. I will be working on that next week. However, I must admit that BUYING a 32 oz container of the dressing is cheaper than making the salad dressing from scratch.. Yes, seriously.

  9. The minute you add mayo to a green salad dressing you've lost me. I's a vinegrette gal. Love oil and vinegar with a heavy dose of fresh ground pepper. Light and simple!

  10. love your channel ! your pad thai was fabulous, will try the dressing for sure ! You remind me a lot of Rachel (Friends) in your body language and hand and arm gestures, except she dont know how to cook..

  11. Thank you so much I appreciate it and I love all your recipes I even sent to all my kids because the measurements that you have 😊👍❤️

  12. I made a batch last night with Best Foods mayonnaise cuz I’m out of Kewpie. So I added a pinch of turmeric and a bit of MSG. A little different than this recipe (I’ve made both) but still very similar and it passed the wife test so….

  13. I made this with peanuts and regular mayo and it’s still good! My town doesn’t have kewpie and I can’t get sesame seeds at this hour so I improvised 😂

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