The Finnegan Fox 5k!

Where to follow SaveAFox Rescue: IG: @saveafox_rescue FB: Ways you can donate …

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  1. Thank you for Sharing ❤️. Hang in there through tough times. Communication is one of the hardest things to master, but with love it is possible ❤️ love and blessings

  2. All the animals are beautiful and I loved seeing the horses run and strut there stuff. I feel that ,if you have the time, the wooded trail would be a good photo aprotunity for them. ~くコ:彡

  3. Atlas had fun. Maybe you should build a little fenced puddle in the garden for him and other Minks with a natural lake kind of theme.

  4. We love save of Fox videos and have We have fallen in love with Finney the fox and enjoy all the other foxes and animals as well. Can you let us know what happened to Finnegan’s side?

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