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Kelly (my wife) and I legit cannot stop making this dinner – the most delicious marinated and then grilled chicken, homemade Naan and a sauce that brings …

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  1. So have a question. I made this tonight but had to omit the garlic due to being allergic. I do use garlic infused olive oil. Both the wife and I thought it smelled like feet. Was it the fish sauce? I used the two table spoon but feel like it was to much. Any advice is appreciated Sam!

  2. I'm a butcher and when you put the cuts in the meat we call that a "Flavor wave". any time you mess up cutting something you create more surface area to put flavor, thus creating the "flavor wave". Peace @samthecookingguy and nice watch! do a video on your watches, im rockin a damasko DS30 green!

  3. I just made this for dinner… with a few changes:

    *I chopped up the chicken, marinated, then threw it in my wok instead of grilling it…. just so I could be in the same area as I prepared everything.

    *I bought the naan from the grocery store.

    *For the tomatoes, I poured a can of diced tomatoes (drained) in a bowl and added a little olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh basil, and fresh parsley.

    *I also added garlic hummus and tomato/basil feta.

    It was EXCELLENT!!!

  4. Greek New Year isn't different but Christmas is, due to the Orthodox Church's calendar. Serbs also celebrate Xmas in early Jan. with Easter falling on different dates too. I'm buying some naan and making this sandwich this weekend, using a drop of Liquid Smoke for grill flavor.

  5. Just made these tonight! They were BANGIN! FYI if u forget to add yogurt while making the naan… don't worry…it'll come out great! Just add a bit more water to the dough😊

  6. I just made this for dinner for my fam and I gotta say, it was as amazing as it looks. That chicken with the sauce and the Naan I made was soft with a little bit of crunch. We were in heaven. The garlic butter was clutch though. He didn't mention how to make it, but I just melted some butter and roasted some garlic in it and it worked just fine. Also made my own garlic paste.

    The only part I had a little difficulty with the Naan. Yeast was good, but it was a bit too moist. I had a hard time rolling them out. I think it was my dough hook on the kitchenaid. I kneaded it to dry it out some more.

    Marinate was AMAZING, next time I'll probably back off a little on the rosemary but still really good. I did double the lemon juice in it like in the video and it did make a difference. Will definitely make again and work on my Naan skills. 10/10

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