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The HEALTHIEST Snack Foods At The Grocery Store – Chips, Popcorn, & More

It’s not about giving up snack when you are on a healthy diet, it’s all about choosing the right snacks at the store. That means looking for chips and popcorn that …

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  1. I just heard about Heirloom popcorn kernals from your channel and guess what… there were non on the shelf here in St. Louis.
    Then, I embarrassed myself while in Trader Joes saying…Im looking for popcorn or tortilla chips that were Stella Pressed!!

    I did NOT know what you were saying until now..

  2. Damn , I didn’t realize potatoes were on the Dirty Dozen! 🤦🏼‍♀️ and I always try to be aware of that list … time to re check into it

    I’m horrible – I always go for the Lays lightly salted plain ruffled. 🙈😬
    time to upgrade and look for different things on that label .
    So glad I watched this ,
    Thanks guys 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Hi! New here and loving your videos so far. I’m just curious what your credentials are for these informative food videos. Did you study this and/or have a degree in nutrition? Just an interest of yours you’ve dedicated your time to researching? Not at all trying to be rude, I just like to know what my sources are when getting information.

  4. Any ever hear of brand name OUT SHINE ,ice bars , has no corn syrup , no added sugars , no GMO, made with real fruit , come,s in 6 pack box , not sure but walmart may sell it.

  5. It is GMO corn ! 150 products are made of corn in US ALONE .i doubt the labels !

    🗯🗯The definition of what is organic has been refined since 1995 – what are your thoughts one this ?
    🗯🗯Have you noticed that some label indicates 100% organic and it is expensive than labeled organic alone ?

    ❓❓❓if Rick Bailey sold to con Agra the food giant ? they can always replace the ingredients to flavoring agents so that the taste is not compromised.
    Have you tried making potato chips with organic potatoes – make it once and then do a taste test ?

    Thank you

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