THE MADNESS OF KING DONALD | 'Trump's New Language: Word Salad' Greg Shapiro.

THE MADNESS OF KING DONALD | ‘Trump’s New Language: Word Salad’ Greg Shapiro. In 2019, Greg Shapiro (voice of the ‘Netherlands Second’ video) …

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  1. I think you nailed it! I hate to point it out, but….you missed an opportunity as an international comedian with the Swedish Chef joke by not saying something clever but not offensive to the Swedish in the swedish chef's voice.
    Hey! I took your advice on getting a haircut, you can take my advice on that possible joke, you will nail it, even though I'll never get it, I know the Swedes will.
    Your take and impression on Trump is my favorite of all of them out there, by the way.
    Awesome stuff.

  2. 😎 MEANWHILE… When is former president, now-Private-Citizen tRump FINALLY getting arrested ?? (e.g.: FBI, IRS, SDNY, GA, looking at YOU!) All those pending charges… When can we finally expect indictments ??? 😕 (Preferably all at once!)
    😏 Still waiting for that perp-walk, BEFORE he's pushing up nuclear waste, considering his age…!
    (Still asking for the same friend.)

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