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The Most NUTRIENT DENSE Foods You Can Eat – Healthy Grocery Haul

Let’s walk the aisles of the grocery store to show you which foods are the most nutrient dense and loaded with the stuff your body needs. Lots of good info in this …

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  1. OK – if sunflower oil is bad, why are the sunflower seeds in Purely Elizabeth non-grain granola OK? Sunflowers are known to be highly efficient in pulling TOXINS out of the ground – in fact, they are used for specifically that for environmental clean ups of contaminated sites. Shouldn't we simply, always avoid sunflower seeds and all products made from them?

  2. So, after watching your video on FAKE olive oils – how do you know that your favorite bread or other ready-made product that has "extra virgin olive oil" on its label actually uses real EVOO? Can't the manufacturer be fooled just as easily as the consumer?

  3. My kid (the not as picky one) really likes the Dave's killer thin sliced sprouted bread which I'm 90% sure there's no sugar in it.

  4. Hey Bobby! Really great video!! I was wondering if you’ve heard of a bread called keto fiberlicious from Grainfield Bakery in Markham, Ontario in Canada? Is really great stuff with 1 gram of net carbs and 5 grams of fibre per slice, with only six ingredients and zero sugar added! I’d love to hear your reviews on this product!

  5. I like your videos, but most ppl have no issues with gluten. Plus keto diet is high fat and cholesterol,,, which you know. But I do like you product reviews.

  6. Would you even avoid the kosher salt for seasoning cast iron and scrubbing dishes? I don’t want to ingest any of a bleached product but pink h. salt seems too fancy for cleaning purposes.

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