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The Pegan Diet (Paleo-Vegan) Explained | Dr. Mark Hyman

The Pegan Diet, created by Dr. Mark Hyman, combines elements from paleo + vegan diets. Get his pegan food pyramid, shopping tips + recipes.

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  1. Why is the word 'vegan' in the title of this video? Totally misleading! The diet he's describing is not even strictly paleo with the grains included!

  2. Yeah, eating like your stoneage-family and eating modern-cultivated crap, sure.
    Nothing with nettles or any wild food, just unnatural plants, that's what they ate.
    That's not even vegan, with the meat and lesser paleo.

  3. Really excited to see that you can do Paleo as a vegan – I’m vegan now, but did do paleo as a meat eater and it was great! It’s a shame the segment didn’t include more plant based sources of protein, he only took animal protein from the fridge?

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