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The Perfect Grilled Chicken | Tips for Juicy, Tender Chicken on the Grill

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  1. Next time, try pulling it off at 155 degrees, and let it rest for about 5 minutes under a tent of foil. So long as that temperature is maintained by the carryover cooking during the resting period, it should kill any pathogens. 165 degrees will cause instantaneous pathogen death, but it tends to produce pretty dry chicken breast. 155 will be just as safe and produce much juicier chicken!

  2. I just did this. I did everything other than wood choice( cuz beggars can't be choosers) . I used 2nd marinade, and 3rd cooking method and I gotta say…..couldn't help myself….did my own happy dance!

  3. It took me serving in the Navy for five years to end up loving to cook. The food we had was generally OK, sometimes good, and sometimes terrible. I ended up learning how to cook in-between times out at sea because I wanted to eat well, and somehow I found this channel and have loved it ever since. Thank you Kent for making cooking fun and delicious for me!

  4. I tried the "Italiano" marinade and tried the slow cook method (20 minutes at 210). The cloves in that recipe come on very strong, so if you don't like clove flavor, you may want to adjust. (My family was split on it – some liked, some did not). I did not come close to meeting Kent's cooking time. My cooking time was much, much longer. Nonetheless, the chicken turned out very moist. I will try one of the other marinades next time, or just eliminate the cloves with the Italiano. Best regards…

  5. wonderful son-in-law was spared from the border mission (Voluntold); by one day. now we are giving the baby shower; always feel like family when we visit you

  6. Great prayer for the children! I haven't really got much experience with grilling chicken at all so I would love a little bit more detail in the video- like was it super hot? Was the chicken right over the flame or off to the side? I loved the tip about pounding it. Thank You!

  7. Thank you Kent for all you do, we truly enjoy watching your shows. I purchased your cowboy coffee, and woooo doggggy that some good stuff! Keep up the good work!

  8. Your hat has a great deal of character. But, you might need to step out into a rain storm every now and then to rinse a bit of the dust off. That chicken looked might tasty.

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