The Strange Habits of Skinny Girls (r/AskReddit)

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  1. My weight loss journey is going well. People have commented on my weight loss. I am defiantly the kind of person who will grab a donut if they’re at work. But if I’m not hungry then I’ll save it for later. I also love to eat. I love food. I still have my Valentine’s Day chocolate. I eat it every now and again. It’s still good, don’t worry.

  2. I think it's really important to recognise that there's a difference between slim people who put no conscious effort into maintaining their weight and those who do.

    One of my good friends has always been slim and has never had to diet or make a conscious effort to maintain her weight.
    I've talked to her about it.
    Things I noticed;
    – no FOMO
    – no scarcity mentality
    – not using food as a comfort
    -she does enjoy food, cooking and is a bit of a foodie
    -stop eating when full

  3. For me intuitive eating is usually for people that has some sort an ED so they can stop seeing food as an enemy. It feels like only recently people market it for weight loss.

  4. My weight goes up and down my biggest problem was as a child I was literally starved my mother had mental issues and wouldn’t feed us for days at a time. So when I left home and food was available to me I ate and stockpiled food regardless of being hungry or not. This has been the hardest emotional issue to overcome.

  5. My weight has fluctuated all my life. I was an overweight kid, then in my early teens, developed Anorexia and bulimia, I’ve gained weight (which I needed to). But because of my eating disorder, it’s seriously fucked up my hunger signals/ metabolism. I constantly feel hungry and always notice / desire food because of starving myself for a long period of time.

    Something a few nurses, doctors and dieticians whilst I was in hospital said to me was to remember to drink water… seems simple, but I used to barely drink water and felt hungry all the time, after I started to drink water when I felt thirsty, I had less cravings and binged / unnecessarily snacked less.

  6. Skinny one here: I walk a LOT and always have. I walk about an hour every day. I used to hike 5 times a week with my dog when I lived in northern MN (it was the best).

    I also have Lyme and my immune system is crap. I cannot eat sugar or I will be in major joint pain or headache/migraine.

    If I eat wheat, I get extremely fatigued.

    If I eat dairy (I can have butter – who-hoo) I will have a flare of sore throat, ear or sinus infection. If I were to eat ice cream I’d get a wicked sore throat and it might turn into an actual cold.

    I walk by a box of donuts and all I see is pain. When I was really sick just smelling a pastry would give me joint pain, or driving by that bread factory.

    I just had a major uptick in my health in the last few months, and now i notice if I eat fast food, I feel like absolute crap and have to lay down for 2-3 hours.

    So…I bet that helps.

  7. If you are trying to lose weight and get in shape but don’t want to go to the gym, take the money you would’ve spent on a gym membership on a pair of adjustable dumbbells. You can do most exercises with dumbbells. Chest: Floor press, DB flys. Tricep: Tricep extensions, and closer grip floor press. Shoulders: shoulder press, lateral raises. Bicep: curls. Back: bent rows, single arm rows. Legs: squats, deadlifts, calf raises. Throw in cardio and you can get a good workout at home without having to be uncomfortable at a gym.

  8. I really like the feeling of food after not eating all day. Feeling your body warm up and start to tingle after a nice meal is the best way to helps me relax so I do it nearly every day. I do t really eat all of my food unless I'm in a certain time in my monthly cycle.

  9. A man and his wife were both slim and the husband had a heart attack. The wife said she knows they ate a lot of high fat heart attack causing food and yes you can have a heart attack despite eating healthy. Yes you can eat healthy and still have a heart attack. However let's not pretend like every slim person has good eating habits.

  10. Also some skinny people do eat a bunch of high fat food. A doctor sees some skinny people with high cholesterol due to eating a lot of high fat foods. Yes you can still get high cholesterol no matter how healthy you eat. but not all skinny people have this great eating habits.

  11. Skinny gal here, I eat on a schedule and didn't even realize I did it until it was pointed out to me, I just thought my dinner was the only time I ate consistently, but it isn't so. I dont even really think about eating any other time than my routine meal or snack times unless I skipped, or it was a particularly physical activity heavy day.

  12. My skinny cousin’s habit is being so excited and enthusiastic about eating a meal and when it arrives barely touching it and saying “i get full quickly”… i stopped eating out with her because i keep comparing us and feeling miserable for eating more than her…

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