The Truth About Me ~ Potato Chilli Fry ~ Quick Lunch Or Snacks Recipe~DIY Face Mask ~Ami's Lifestyle

The Truth About Me ~ Potato Chilli Fry ~ Quick Lunch Or Snacks Recipe ~ Ami’s Lifestyle the truth about me | potato chilli fry | quick lunch or snacks recipe | aloo …

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  1. Oh such a lovely front yard . So serene ..Love ur necklace Ami .. it would suit me also because of the “A “😚…. yummy yummy aloo capsicum ..what do u do with the left over fried oil? I normally discard after each use.

  2. Nice recipe Ami, which cooking oil do you use for frying and what you do when you have leftover fried oil. I heard that it's not good for reheat.
    For me same time when I am frying i cut some onions and frying in the same oil. So I don't waste oil and i have fried onion for gravy for multiple dishes. Same raining here in West coast.

  3. Nice vlog.. so much hard work , maintaining big house, gardening,
    Cooking, maintaining your beauty regime, looking after your kids without any domestic help is a tidious job on daily basis & making a you always have to be neat and clean , I used to do that much work( without vlog ofcourse ) when my daughter was as old as your kids.. 10 year ago.. but I can't do that much work now n remember myself doing that much work in same speed like you.. God bless you dear … Keep making vlogs .& Nice positive talk.

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