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  1. Im bored of calculating calories intake and BMI. Agoge Diet website does it for FREE. They also provide personalized training plan and diet plan with amazing recipes.

  2. I need to do this. It will cut down on the stress I experience, of wanting to have meals, ready to go, for the next day, but because I am so intensely busy, with work, I find I come home really late, or finish work at home too late, and I feel exhausted, and the last thing I want is to start cooking for the next day. Food prep is quick, easy, and makes life more organized, and overall, much healthier, by using good quality, healthy food/meal choices!! This is a really exciting way of living. I can see massive benefits for myself. Thanks Matt!!

  3. I don't prep meals per se, but what I do prep is the ingredients. When I buy meat, I unbox it, cut it up into slices/mince it/whatever and then rebag it in the weight it will be cooked in, and freeze it, so when I come to cook it, I'm literally just throwing all the prepped ingredients out the bag and into the pan. I know someone who puts all the ingredients for the meal in the bag, but I prefer to have more flexibilty in what I'm cooking.

  4. People who aren't good in the kitchen barely try. And on top of that being good in the kitchen has never meant being perfect like tv chefs or a Michelin restaurant chef!
    Cooking takes trial and error. The more you attempt the more you learn. And cooking can save you money! Eating out and food services cost more in the long run. Yes, it's nice to eat out from time to time, but if want to be a minimalist financially then you have to cook some yourself. And part of why I'll never go full blown minimalists. 1 knife and 1 pan may as well be in a prison.

    Will say the recommendation to make meal prep flexible is the best one in the entire video. I killed myself doing chicken and broccoli. Variety makes it so much easier. Only issue with the recipe in this one is it is high carb, but that's able to be changed. Cauliflower rice, less rice and more veggies, etc.

  5. I do something like this daily for lunch. I cook a small piece of protein in my air fryer while I cook the rice. So many variations you can do. I also precook my rice and freeze it in 1/3 cup portions (flat in a baggy) so it thaws faster, or can chuck it in frozen. I prep a bag of onions with oil and freeze in small containers (hate raw frozen onion smell in my freezer) and then just add whatever I have on hand. Ran out of amino’s so prefer that to soy, although Maggi seasoning is also really good.

  6. thats funny as all get out " YOU ONLY HAVE ONE KNIFE" its like yeah duh… no wait i broke it a couple months ago so its half a knife the front half is actually over there you can use it like a ulu knife if you want to mix things up. i love your channel.

  7. Its 20 minutes to find the sams card, 20 minute drive to sams club, 1 hour to shop for some other stuff, 20 minutes to come back.
    2 hours in, I got the chicken!!

  8. Cool thnkziez, i made some a few days ago too but did not add scallions nor green peas, and i cooked it in different order and did not add soy sauce, might try this next time but with shrimp

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