things i wish i knew before planning a wedding | couple things

In this episode we touched on a much-requested topic- things we wish we knew before planning a wedding! Wedding planning …

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  1. The parents used to have a say so more back in the day because they were the ones funding it. With more people paying for their own weddings these days, it’s more catered to what the bride and groom want.

  2. We planned our wedding in 2 hours. I don't regret anything. And we spent less than 4k. It was an amazing day. I am glad we did it that way because I don't like stress and I truly wanted people to just have fun with us. It was remarkable. I have over a thousand photos…people still send me photos from that day almost 2 decades later. Be true to who you are and know that it is the FIRST day of the journey TOGETHER. Life isn't perfect. Embrace the process is key. And just enjoy the people you choose to share it with.

  3. I absolutely loved this episode! We got a videographer and paid a fortune and the cd’s never turned out! So we have no video. Anyway, this was so fun to listen to. Thanks guys 🙂 and the idea of family Wanted your day a certain way etc. great episode!!

  4. Hey hey hey… Don’t throw real estate under the bus. Lol. I am a Realtor, and I take my oath as a Realtor, and the Realtor code of ethics very seriously. My job as your Realtor, as a buyer, is to get you the most house for the least money, and I never factor my commission into any decision that I make for you. That is part of the oath that I take as a Realtor and my code of ethics. That being said… Love y’all, love this topic, agree with everything else you said! 🙂

  5. THANK YOU so much for speaking into the “losing weight before the wedding” culture. It can be so toxic on top of all the other stress and life change you are dealing with at the time. Bodies are so fluid and always changing and the relationship that you are building is so much more important. Thank you for this perspective ❤️

  6. I agree with Shawn it's about the bride and groom first and foremost if you think about every single person at the wedding your going to drive yourself insane

  7. I designed and printed our own wedding invitations when my husband and I got married. I'm a font nerd, and I think it was a clue that I was made to work in my current profession. People asked afterwards who our printer was!

  8. I’m planning my September wedding right now and this was helpful! My issue is with parents gifting money for the wedding, it made me feel like I couldn’t say no to their ideas, so I like Shawn’s perspective on it!

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