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This High Protein Breakfast Will Keep You Full Till Lunch Time – Healthy Breakfast Ideas In Lockdown

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  1. Thank you! this made my day. I get hunger pangs after my morning workout – the smoothie was quick and avoided my cookie/biscuit craving. I also added overnight soaked 4 walnuts.

  2. where you get all this idea's, i get suprised watching all your videos, healthy recipes, simple procedure with simple ingredients..Ur a great women and Ur husband and children's are lucky to eat healthy and tasty everyday

  3. Coco powder can use for sugar patient .
    My mother recently removed uterus operation. can you please help to do what foods to give nutrients with her healthy comes again. I have no guidance please help me

  4. Nice … I tried it…it turned out to be good, but as we are using water instead of milk consistency will be thin …else a great one!!👍
    Looking forward for more ideas like these!

  5. Hi!
    It's a great recipe to trigger weight loss.Can you please tell me the difference between cacao and cocoa powder. Can we use cocoa powder,if we dont find the latter one? I want to try this out,please provide your valuable input here. Thanks

  6. @Skinny recipes : I have just started viewing some of your recipes, which definitely looks great! But was just a little curious to know why did you choose to name your channel as "skinny" recipes ?!

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