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This Is What Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day

Jennifer Lopez turned 50 in 2019, though you’d never be able to tell — she’s arguably just as healthy and young-looking as ever. And that’s partly because of the …

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  1. When someone cook for you and take care of you it is so easy to follow any diet. Most exausted ( or lazy) people just don`t bother to prepare meal for themselves each day. It is easy to got to restaurants and eat unhealthy meal. That's why so many fat people in the world nowadays.

  2. These comments are so ignorant “you can do this “ no you can’t (who has time to prepare these meals ? Plus you get tired at some point / she has a personal chef who I’m sure cooks amazing yummy meals everyday ! And he Eve, will never get “tired” or sick off 🤦‍♀️
    (I’m not saying it’s impose just way harder than it is for her

  3. She is not the only one 🙄 Hally Berry looks gorgeous, so does Sandra Bullock..Just b/c this chick loves the exposure / approval..and act as she was 20 ..Yes. She looks great ; But always trying so hard ..annoying..

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