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This Superfood Can Enhance Your Intellect

Sadhguru shares the “inside scoop” on a highly pranic food that not only settles your nerves, but gives you enormous energy and sharpens your intellect as well!

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  1. Since one month, my self and my wife consuming 1 glass of ash guard juice everyday. It helps to leverage the intestine and body. Thank q Sadhguru for recommending such a health drink.

  2. I started to drink Ashgourd juice a few days ago. What can I say…. it powers you up, you can feel it instantly after you drink it. It is cooling and brings you into a kind of balance. I couldnt imagine that such a significant effect is possible and so clearly noticable.
    Thank you Sadhguru for your advice!

  3. The shown juice is Ash Gourd juice. Google the translation of "ash gourd" in your language, find it, juice it and drink it. It's great tasting. Truly refreshing.
    Especially on an empty stomach.

  4. I drank this today, one glass, my first time tasting that juice. It actually has no specific taste.
    It's great. U can control the taste as u want. U can add honey, lemon juice, pepper or little bit of sugar.

    I add some ice too.

    I'm going to drink this everyday.

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  6. It's more than obvious that he is trying to promote that only foods that are indigenous in india are good. Especially fruits and vegetables. So the rest of us who live outside India are condemned. With these kind of bulldhit he's talking, he just makes you wonder whether the rest of his sayings are also bullshit or not.

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