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This treatment will Thicken & Grow your Hair Longer than You ever imagined when used twice a month.

Hey family, today we are making a deep conditioner, deep treatment to double your hair growth faster than usual. This treatment is capable of regrowing your …

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  1. Love this video will try but I don't have the msm , you have helped me so much with my hair thank you for helping🌹💕.I have a question for you how do you know what type of hair you have , how can I fine out please thank you God bless🌹🌹🌹

  2. Oh wow potato and fenugreek and I thought the oat milk conditioner that I shared was thick, this one is thicker. I will try this soon. I am just scared of using new things on my hair as I have really sensitive hair that tends to break off easily. Your hair is amazing!!

  3. This looks so smooth and easy to wash out. No lumps or particles in this. Am amazed at how it came out. God bless your beautiful soul. Blessings to you and your daughter 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Is this a protein conditioners and for low porosity how often would you say is good to use. What is the name of the powder, please. I am not sure what I heard maybe if you could write recipe 😉 please ☺️ my dear. I cud help us .
    17 Mar '21/portland, oregon.
    God bless
    Mother Gaia embraces
    The two create

  5. 11:14 Excellent great tips! Sis, not long lecture at all👍🏾👍🏾😄Same thing with myself & my daughter's, also high porosity. I think it's over manipulation for us. Now, our hair are in Bantu knots, so, it will be 2wks this wkend, so I will try this to improve and stop the shedding & thinning for 3* a mth. This is super quick & easy to do. I will give this a go and get back to you. I truly enjoyed this. Many thanx! Sis🤗💗💞💞💗😘😘

  6. I look forward to using this one soon! Thank you! I have low porosity hair and I really appreciate how you incorporate information on how to use your recipes on this type hair.🙏🏽

  7. I'm going to try this potatoes and fenugreek treatment. Looks like it will be moisturizing for my high porosity hair. Sometimes, I have dry and itchy scalp/hair. Also, you are right about switching products too often as well as listen to your hair and scalp–what it likes and dislikes. Thanks for sharing your knowledge .

  8. WOW! Every time you take down your hair I am SO encouraged by how lovely, healthy, thick and long it is looking. I watch your videos mainly for the inspiration to continue this journey. Great job girlfriend!!

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