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Thrunite, the Chinese Patriots – Chinese Propaganda vs Integrity

Chinese communist propaganda and censorship vs Western integrity: Why I turned down an offer from Thrunite. Are my novels available in your language?

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  1. Good for you and integrity is worth it. I myself have felt the same. I always will pay more for products made from any other country and USA. I have not been in a Walmart in 3 years to shop. They have put family operated businesses out. We have the power. Just don't buy. We may not be able to stop China from the harmful injustice but we can stop their sales of the cheep junk, and save mother earth from their plastic going into landfills. Good for you.

  2. Hello from Southern California! I’m a 65 year old grandmother and once upon a time Hippie. So happy to know there are like minded souls everywhere. Loving your videos, your fine character and honesty.

  3. Also, the majority of Cashmere products exported by Scotland was using materials processed by North Korean workers in Mongolia. Those North Korean laborers didn't get any of the money earned in that industry, and it was all getting sent back to the DPRK government for Nuclear Development. I don't know if this is still going on. See link below.

  4. Problem is that everything it seems is made in China. The components in the camera are definitely from China. But we need to start boycotting Chinese crap.

  5. And lastly, the BBC is STATE RUN MEDIA and LIES to the British public and the public knows that it lies. Why the fuck would someone in China think that the British Empires State run media is reliabe in any way. There has been 5 major military conflicts between the British Empire and various Chinese forces in the last 150 years.

    They might see things from different angle – but the Chinese public and the British public both agree that the BBC is propaganda and is acting against the public interest no matter where you live.

  6. I have been trying to avoid most Chinese products for about 15 or 20 years. I also had a similar experience in chatting with a woman online from Hong Kong who would not admit that the Chinese Communist party is one of the most evil forces on the face of the Earth.

  7. Between 1948 and 1976 the CCP exterminated over 70 million Chinese. They're currently harvesting hundreds of thousands of organs from prisoners which consists of keeping the victim alive on a heart-lung machine until all organs are harvested to maximize profit. The CCP has succeeded in their coup to take over America and put their senile puppet in Washington DC through massive fraud which enables them to control the most powerful military in the world, now the CCP has 12 aircraft carrier battle groups and the world's largest nuclear arsenal at their command. The world is quickly descending into a totalitarian abyss without the USA left to save them.

  8. Great stand I'm proud of you… I myself look at the labels where things are manufactured…. as just the other day I needed a utility blade for work and I bought the one not made in China … it was manufactured in Japan and was actually a better quality blade!… also, Could you please consider perhaps (as maybe a teaser / primer ) reading maybe the first two chapters of your first book in your Viking novels series in English along with your normal YouTube videos …I know you probably have restraints from Publishers but your novels are not printed in English yet so one or two chapters written in English would mean a lot ….thank you brother!

  9. I fully understand you stance vs China, the worlds big problem today is China just do a search on youtube for "chinese fishing fleet". It's sick!
    Proud to see a fellow scandinavian taking the same stance! Nothing but love Björn.

  10. here in canada we pretend as if Texas and Florida dont exist. we are under total lockdown as many americans are back to life as usual. is the virus not the same here as there? it seems that the societies with the right to bear arms are the first ones out of this… imagine that folks

  11. This is not an endorsement for the CCP, BUT if you think you can fully trust BBC and western media over all of the supposed crap that happens in China, then you need to do better research. The reality is that whether it be Britain, America, Russia, or China, the governments in these countries are found to be corrupt and are sitting on a throne built by the "mistreatment" of the common people.

  12. I stand and applaud your your stance in supporting certain ethnicities in the world. We all know what is going on with communist China. We all know who is responsible for the cruelty that the Chinese Communist party is doing to their people. Hang tough Bjorn. thank you for saying what is in your heart. Your friend. Nick

  13. Heia Bjørn! Thank you for leading everybody to integrity. I'm proud that my 12 year old watches your YouTube now and then. You are one of the big strong Vikings leading for a better future! Aho!

  14. Any tips on how to avoid buying the mass of products from that country? It isn't just Uyghurs that are persecuted. Tibetans, Christians, Falun Gong followers. Anyone who doesn't agree with the party really.

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