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Tips for Starting a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle 2020 + WIEIAD

Use this link to get The Vegan Bundle: Happy New Year guys! 🥳 Hope you had a wonderful celebration yesterday. I give you my …

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  1. Ok i really need a friend exactly like you!! You really seem to be a good person. I just subscribe! Love your content. Thanks for all these tips! Greetings from switzerland 😉👍🧡

  2. Good morning. I have a question. I have put some chia seed in my oat meal but are they safe too eat? And can you heat up chia seeds? Let me know what you think Thank you for this video i was looking along time for this.

  3. Thats a realy good idea to put in chia seeds,peanut butter and blue berrys in you,re oatmeal. I just put in cheries,straberries,mango and cinamon. I,ll try you,re oatmeal next time i have oatmeal Thank you for this healty and helpfull vegan food video

  4. I started healthier eating in December, so that 2020 will be a healthier year. And I saw a documentary with scientific facts on how vegan and vegetarian lifestyle are better. Now finding your account and this bundle before it was over was just a sign to me, so I got it and now I’m excited!!

  5. I’m actually here early !!! Thank you so much for being an amazing inspiration and as a young person it’s really easy to get wrapped up in social media influencers who are posting nothing but rubbish ! However you’re very real and seem to have a very healthy relationship with food ❤️

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