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Top 10 HEALTHIEST Things To Buy At Trader Joe's Right Now…With Recipes!

I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and want to share some of the healthiest and most exciting new items with you. Not only is this going to be an epic haul, …

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  1. Bobby, this is one of the better shopping haul videos that you have done and I really like that you showed us how to prepare one of the ingredients that I otherwise probably wouldn't ever have considered trying. I still only eat beans or legumes once in a blue moon, but the risotto did look nice. It would be great if you could cook some of the things that you do in the hauls more often. Also, is that shopping list that you created just a list of ingredients to avoid or does it list each of these products that you have found that are healthy at say Trader Joe's or Thrive Market. I avoid Trader Joe's because I don't really understand the store and I find it hard to shop there. A guide would be really helpful so I could whiz in and quickly know what to buy.

  2. ….and also Bobby, that ingredients list that just said “SPICE” should definitely NOT be Bobby approved, cause that’s just the same thing as saying “natural flavors”…

  3. You are TERRIBLE at cooking your Vegan Burger,,, seeet geezeus Bobby, step your game up,,,
    You are DEFINITELY supposed to cook those through, and I’m pretty sure there’s very specific warnings on those packages usually,,,

  4. You are the best daddy ever 🥰😍 You deserve all the followers in the world 🌎👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Love your videos so helpful and educational

  5. I'm loving your videos with Rose. Thank you for all the great information you provide us with. I would like to know what brand of tortilla chips do you recommend? I can't live without tortilla chips and salsa.

  6. can you please speak on the benefits of having fresh coffee, is it just for the flavor or there any other benefits for fresh grinded coffee?

  7. Hi Bobby I really like your at home hauls you are able to talk more and I think the negative side is you may have to purchase more of the crap that would normally just point out but this was a really quality haul so thank you!!!

  8. If you buy the organic oats, chia seeds, and flax seed, you can make your own oatmeal without any added sugars and for half the price of the small to go container 😜

  9. Thanks for the quick and easy meal. Will you teach how to make fast meals with good music in the background in under five minutes? Thanks again for you're important information what ingredients are going in our food.

  10. Hi Bobby, I love your videos on eating clean! so much good info. Do you have a manual or an AP that we can download the items you suggest and where to buy them? Thanks

  11. Rose is a sweetie pie and now learning more about the products from trader Joe's I'm excited to try new stuff
    Thanks for the insight and knowledge!

  12. Hi Bobby. I’m a recently fan of your YouTube channel. Thank you so much for all the helpful information. I’m from Venezuela but living in New York now, I always shop in Trader Joe’s so thanks again for this tips. However, I have question since I’m making the transition to becoming vengan, I have notices some vegan products have a lot of sodium so, what is your opinion about the sodium? Cuz I think 450 mg per serving is like a lot 😱.

  13. Dude your smile is like waaaay too big on the title cards for every one of your videos. I think you need to dial it down a notch.

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