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  1. Those carrots you have over there are no baby carrots. It's regular size carrots that had A LOT of the outer layer shaved off of them. So it's technically hugely overpaid product with its best part removed. Buy some unpacked, regular carrots, wash them well (peel them very lightly if you have to), BAM. You have a wonderful, healthy and nutritious product, you're not contributing to production of unnecessary plastic and you're not wasting your money.
    Also, if you have to use sauce or a dressing, make it yourself, because this see of sugar, plant or palm oil and trans fats and other artificial rubbish that's standing over there in this shiny pretty bottle is not doing anything for you.

  2. Can anyone answer what the healthiest whey protein is? I have taken many different protein powder supplements, but now I'm looking to be healthier, and most proteins have some terrible fillers and sugars added to them.

  3. I have a mean 👶🏾🥕addiction, i love the sweet & the crunch. Have to hide them, i fiend for them like a dopehead. I’m a carrotHead, they can deplete your iron. Cold asf, but i needs me baby carrots. Like Popeye needed spinach🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Will the sugar content in the yogurt and mixed candy nuts add more body fat to my mid section if I consume it everyday as a snack? Due to the fact im cutting back my sugar intake when it comes to bad snacking, cakes, pies etc.

  5. Hi im new to your channel and just subscribed at that and hit that notification bell. Love your channel, I been off and on on my fitness and meal planning for years now since im no longer in the Army anymore. I'm slowly getting back into it and wanted to know are you a personal trainer??? Where did you go to school to learn everything about fitness, if tou didn't attend school, where did you learn about all of this helpful information????

  6. The only thing that wasn't "healthy" that was on this list was the turkey slice.

    Just in case you didn't know, they have nitrates in them that cause cancer.

    Even the kind that's labeled "no nitrates" have been proven to still contain nitrates.

    So, the lunch meat thing is a no no. Other than that, I must admit that i like your channel and, I'm gonna subscribe to you fam 👌👍.

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