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BEHOLD: The Top 10 recipes ever featured on The Kitchen! 🤤Which is your favorite? Subscribe to Food Network: Tune in to …

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  1. Ohh i hate this cooking show! seem like somebody prepared all the cooking stuff for them before they start cooking it. idk i just feel weird watching this show. i dont like it

  2. Why tf would you take the skin off the smoked mozzarella??? That’s the part that made direct contact with the smoke and has the most flavor! That’s like cutting the bark off BBQ

  3. Guys, I love, love your show. I record and save all of your shows. 1. CONGRATULATIONS KATIE AND HUBBY ON BABY! 2. Why do we have to put sugar in with the yeast? I can taste it every time in the pizza crusts, rolls, breads. I really don't like the sweet taste in regular bread products.

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