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Top 10 Things To Buy At Costco In 2020 – Healthy Grocery Haul

My love for Costco knows no bounds, so I wanted to share with you 10 of the top healthy items to buy at Costco for the new year of 2020. Many of these items are …

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  1. Started off the year watching your vids in early January and February. Helped me to better adjust to what was coming – "pandemic times." I do appreciate your presentations. Thank you, from a California fan.

  2. Now that things are opening up and I just found your page today I well have to find your cook book at Costco but the nearest one for me Is Greenville SC or go another mile to Knoxville TN and I do live in TN. I am not one to do Keto but I see other things that well work for me that happens to be on a Keto diet. I am a big on eating Lamb and with the Mushroom thing I rather cook my mushrooms with Avocado oil then other oils and put it in other dishes.

  3. I would love to see healthy dairy free and gluten free foods, especially butter. I am not just lactose intolerant but very dairy allergic. Finding a good butter substitute would be helpful. Sometimes coconut oil just isn't right.

  4. Why doesn't your cookbook or shopping guide sell in the NorthEast? The shopping guide is only on Kindle. I don't own a kindle.It may be all for not because most of the products you advertise are non-existent here in the Big Apple. You ahould start with a disclaimer type "Spoiler Alert" that many Costco locations east of you will not carry the products you recommend. Why not tell your suppliers to make either a paperback or hardcover or both for the shopping guide? We over here in New York City like to eat healthy as well, just saying, Bobby…something to ponder…

  5. Don’t believe things this man says he Is Not a nutritionist. He is promoting bad diets and terrible foods don’t listen. Humans need carbs just not simple carbs

  6. Sunflower oil is very good for your health. Several varieties of sunflower oilseeds have been developed by standard plant breeding methods, mainly to vary the amounts of oleic acid and linoleic acid which, respectively, are the predominant monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in sunflower oil.[10] Sunflower oil is a rich source of vitamin E (tables).

    Refined versus unrefined. Refining sunflower oil through solvent extraction, de-gumming, neutralization, and bleaching can make it more stable and suitable for high-temperature cooking; but, will also remove some of the oil's nutrients; flavor; color (resulting in a pale-yellow); free fatty acids; phospholipids; polyphenols; and, phytosterols. Also some of the polyunsaturated fatty acids will be converted into trans fat due to the high temperatures involved in the process[15][16]. Unrefined sunflower oil is less heat-stable (and therefore well-suited to dishes that are either raw or cooked at low temperatures); but, will retain more of its original nutrient content, flavor, and color (light-amber).

    Different oils are designed for different purposes. For example, it is better to fry in sunflower oil. And Avocado oil for salads.

    I would not be so categorical about sunflower oil as you do.

  7. Recently discovered that Whole Foods gets most if not All of their Organic Foods from China or Viet Nam. NOT Good. Whole Foods is Lying to people and Over Charging for the crap they are selling.

  8. Hi… I’m new to your channel… love it! Can u tell me if there is a flavor difference between the red lentil pasta, which I’d love to try, & the pasta I was raised on? Thanks so much

  9. But you're not very cognizant of of how we are stripping the ocean of fish and habitat. Please, please, please, health food advisors, stop promoting fish as food, unless farmed in a healthy and ecologically compatible way. Please watch Youtube Sylvia Earle, My Wish.

  10. Imagine if Bobby got the financial backing to create his own food company!!! It wouldn’t even be necessary to read the ingredients it would be just a matter of what you like! The best in class options like milk, breads, cheeses, snacks, vitamins, fruits and vegetables, yogurts, protein powders, meats, fish etc! Wow

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