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Top 15 Things To Buy At Trader Joe's In 2020 – Healthy Grocery Haul

I did a massive grocery haul at Trader Joe’s to show you some of the top healthy items to buy there for 2020. So of these grocery items are best in class …

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  1. Wow I love how you improvised how you show us live Trader Joe’s items you’re picking up and then showing back at your kitchen counter. You can take your time reviewing the product without feeling rushed they might kick you out. Great job 👍

  2. I'm enjoying your vidoes! You, Art and Dessi are an outstanding team and Rose is a doll! Would you be able to do a review on honey and syrups? Also, I saw the protein powder video, do you have one on bone broth protein powder? Thank you in advance!

  3. Hi Bob, love your vids , great job !
    Tried the Trader Joe's Risoni. Very disappointing. Cooked hard and pasty every time unfortunately. Had nothing to do with the bottle of Loire-Valley 2018 Vouvray that I guzzled like a Kennedy.
    Who the hell cooks sober anyway. Bon Appetit my friend

  4. Hii Bobby, I usually make sandwiches for my son’s packed lunch, can you please recommend a healthy store bought lunch idea. Thank you 🙏🏼

  5. What about the raw cheese at TJs? It’s not organic or grassfed, but it isn’t pasteurized so I was thinking that would be better for those with lactose issues.

  6. Thank you for your awesome video.. You made me happy . Health is wealth. May God bless you and continue to help eating healthy through your good information video.

  7. thank you for all you do !! when you get a chance -and maybe you have reviewed this in the past will you tell us if the "european style whole grain bread at Trader's is Bobby approved please ? cause it is super tasty !! thnk you

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