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Top 20 HEALTHIEST Things To Buy At ALDI In 2020 – Budget Grocery Haul

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  1. Bobby so I go to Aldi for fruits and vegetables this time I placed all my fruit in a pot with water to get the dirt off washed the next morning my strawberry’s were all white which is a first for me do you think they’re getting cheap bootleg painted on produce???

  2. Great info l am aCeliac and Diabetic l live in Montreal Canada and l can’t find all this gluten free
    Product wth a low glycemic how do u know if their organic or grass fed and so expensive any suggestions l need to loose weight
    It’s the first time that l saw ur sight and l really like it thank u very much sincerely Dina 👍🇨🇦🇬🇷🦋

  3. THUMBS DOWN I am so disappointed in the products you choose. I actually went to Aldi and bought 2 tiny cartons of ice cream you recommended in one of your video's for just under $3.00 a piece. I was so excited to try them but when I did I as so disgusted and disappointed. Eating them was like eating icy slush with almost no flavor. It's one thing to cut back on sugar I get that but you are obsessed with eliminating sugar and instead send people to pick out nasty items that both EXPENSIVE nasty tasting. I was expecting the old fashioned vanilla ice cream we had as kids that was soooooooooo good and instead I bought TASTELESS SLUSH that no one in their right mind would ever call ice cream. The brand is Sundae Shopper Mint Chip and Vanilla, AWFUL and to think I spent that kind of money for it. I will never trust your taste buds again. What a waste of good money OH MY GOODNESS.
    You are going to have to do much better to impress me.  I like sugar and ice cream which are comfort foods.  Yes the good ice creams are gone today but what we have left is so much better than what you recommended.

  4. Bobby I want to buy a mug I want to buy a t-shirt. You and your friend have a wealth of knowledge you've helped me so much.👏🤣 The best part of your videos is that cute kid.!!!🍼😊❤️

  5. I love this video!!! I am all about super natural and healthy and need inexpensive options. I agree with everything you said EXCEPT the ice cream. Those sweeteners cause digestive issues with a lot of people. I am a firm believer in pure raw sugar, honey or pure maple syrup (in moderation) being waaaaayyyy healthier than these alternatives. Purest ingredients are best. I don't eat sugar so have tired those and they make me sick. Be warned not good for everybody!!! Sugar alcohols No bueno. Do not agree at all with that recommendation. The rest was amazing so excited to go to ALDI and grab the other items!!!

  6. You know, all this info is great and everything but life is short. It was even shorter in 1900. If die 2 years earlier bc I ate one too many tablespoons of canola oil or god forbid a GMO product, so be it. I work 60 hours a week, make a decent living, and work out every day. I'm not taking magnifying glass to every box of food.

    Nevertheless, this is good info. I just take it's not worth paying too much attention to unless you plan on outliving everyone naturally.

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