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Top 20 Healthy Snacks You Can Buy – Back To School Snack Review

Here’s part two of my healthy snack haul for back to school season. I went to to Walmart and Whole Foods to show you a ton of healthy snacks for the kids, and …

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  1. I appreciate all of these videos and your recommendations but young Timmy is not going to poop himself if you give him those chocolates as a treat every now and then.

  2. I wish my kids like “healthy food” and snack consciously. I can’t get them to consume healthy snack at all. So frustrating what they are doing to their body

  3. Would love suggestions or dupes for us in 🇨🇦 watching – we have similar but
    no where near the selection “ y’all” have in the 🇺🇸 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. I feel like people that eat like this are always sick and the reason is we need pestisites and germs ect to a extend so that our bodies can not grow parasites .. I don’t know if u know a lot of science or u think it’s a hoax but all organic all the time will end up killing u.. we don’t live that long and for the amount of time we are on this planet we can handle all these things in our bodies non of it is a source of any deadly diseases yes it’s good to control things for diabetics and cholesterol which most of the time are genetic diseases but either way we can avoid what we can and over eating as a whole is more of the problem than what we eat but all in all we can’t avoid all foods and alll foods as this point are basically bad but u decide u can either eat what u can or just don’t eat and die up to u.. even air isn’t 100% healthy at this point.. and gmos are in almost everything and their the reason we may be able to stop world starvation so it’s not bad really there isn’t much more of an option so live ur life eat well when u can the rest is useless

  5. Before I walk into any grocery store or Costco, I'm watching your vids! Great info. I love how you start talking faster when an employee is nearby. It's like you're undercover CIA telling us all their dirty secrets! keep it up!!

  6. Those sugar free chocolates are good though but I finally can believe how artificial sweeteners bloat you. Lol omg my stomach hurt so bad after I ate a couple usually I only ate one a day.

  7. I gotta download the app, every time I watch these videos I cringe when he mentions the food I literally just got from the store thinking it was healthy or food I have been eating for 847474years, lol I can’t believe he went after my Triscuits..nooooo! RIP Triscuits, I loved the Rye flavored kind 😭😢😓

  8. Hi I love your videos specially because I have a 16month old, so I’ve been really trying to make healthier choice for us both. Can you please make a video of a grocery haul with foods I could use to cook with for him.

  9. I’m truly very surprised you are constantly commenting against natural flavors but then recommend items full of sugar and carbs. LaCroix has zero carbs and that’s what I eat. ZERO carbs.

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