It’s always fun to look back over the past year and see which recipes were your favorites. These were the most popular and best-reviewed recipes that we shared …

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  1. Natasha, I’ve made your Philly cheesesteak and it’s the best version I have ever tried. Everyone licked their fingers and it’s better than what I’ve eaten in Philly! Thank you for your recipes

  2. There is a recipe on your website I make pretty often that I think your viewers might love-the kielbasa and potatoes one pan meal. Mmm so good! I switch and use sweet potatoes or red potatoes and my family loves it. It went in one of my cooking notebooks which means it's a keeper ha ha

  3. I love watching your channel. Made your chicken pot pie soup for my family last night and they loved it. My favorite recipe so far is the apple turnovers. Got my wife to watch you last night and she really enjoyed seeing your presentation. I follow you and Gordon Ramsey. Love both channels.

  4. Filled with gratitude for you and your amazing receipes! Thank you so very much for giving so much of yourself and your delicious receipes. You are a blessing to us all! LOVE your personality! Wish we were neighbors!!! : )

  5. Hi !!!!! I'm 11 yrs old and still with ur recipies I'm able too bake apple pies, cakes and a loot more too…thxxx🎉
    One question to everyone
    What's ur fav dessert

  6. Natasha! I’m obsessed with your channel! My Russian coworker recommended your channel to me and I love it! I already cooked so many of your recipes and everything tastes amazing! You are phenomenal! ❤️❤️❤️

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