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Today we try all the new snacks at Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom for 2021! Tonys Town Square Valentines Review- …

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  1. You totally get me Promise. I am obsessed with Cotton Candy. So much that I ordered cotton candy milk shake packets. They use to sell them at the grocery store but they stopped. So I searched the brand online & I found them. If you love cotton candy as much as I do, look it up, the company is called Frozen Bean. You won’t regret it! I make 2 packets at a time with ice, milk, & a little sweet cream coffee creamer! I swear you won’t regret it!🤤❤️🥰

  2. Those tots with bacon and mac & cheese and corn dog bites looked soooo yummy. As did that cotton candy cupcake. I miss all the snacks from disney. Glad we geg to see u guys at least enjoying them.

  3. Love all your vids you two are the cutest couple. Can't wait to get back down there and try all the snacks. The Buffalo chicken tots looked so good. Thank you for taking us along.

  4. Disney does know ow to do treats and pretty much all of the food and beverages. If I were in charge of the parks and someone came in with the idea of smoked turkey legs I would have said really, you think that's a good idea? Just goes to show you never know what's going to be a hit.

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