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Top 5 Worst Breakfast Foods For Diabetics (plus 1 Secretly Dangerous Breakfast Ingredient)

Gain a world of knowledge about the diabetes epidemic and discover what you can do to lose weight and fight diabetes! Is breakfast actually the most important …

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  1. Like breakfast drinks?

    Do this. for chocolate, buy unsweetened baker's cocoa. Mix a little with water and bring it nearly to a boil. Then add that to skim milk and a couple of teaspoons of stevia. Add a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract and or a dash of nutmeg. For some added protein add a raw egg. Afraid of eating raw eggs? Then you can add one raw egg to a cup of skim milk and blend it well then cook over a low heat until you've brought it up to 160 degrees f. It will not coagulate mixed with the milk at that temperature. The big difference is now you need to wait for it to cool down in the fridge. So mix all of the above and shake really good and chill. Serve at around 35 degrees for maximum flavor enhancement. Milk has a small natural amount of sugar so don't over do this. 8 ounces will do the trick.

  2. Like cereal? do this:

    Buy whole oats. Just plain whole oats. Don't like going through the trouble cooking oatmeal? Neither do I which is why I NEVER cook it. Yes, that's right, I eat raw whole oats. Been doing it for years. This is better for diabetics since it takes far longer for the body to turn raw uncooked oatmeal into glucose than cooked oatmeal. To the serving size posted on the container, add one teaspoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of stevia and if you like you can add a quarter teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. Don't worry, the amount of alcohol in that is NOT enough to send your blood sugar into the stratosphere. You can add a small amount of fruit. I recommend 1/8 red delicious apple minced and leave the skis on. This is my go to breakfast for something fast and easy and just before I go on my daily morning 5 mile hike. Do NOT go back to bead after having this or your blood sugar will probably spike a little.

  3. I can't do it often but there is a way to reduce the bad part of having pancakes.

    First, use a non wheat multigrain flower. Mix in oatmeal for texture. contrary to what is in this video, eggs are not bad for diabetics as long as you're not eating dozens every week. So I add an egg to my pancakes. To make it rise I use a combination of baking powder and cream of tarter. The cream of tarter will make them fluffier. Do not add salt or sugar.

    I cook them in plain olive oil NOT extra virgin. Extra virgin olive oil is more expensive and has a stronger flavor. You don't want that in your pancakes. I use a small amount of salt free butter. Butter has a stronger flavor than margarine so if you use butter in small quantities it has the same flavor as twice as much margarine and pound for pound, butter is not that much worse than margarine.

    Finally my syrup. You can if you hunt for it, find artificial maple flavor though most kinds have sugar in them. I find that a tiny amount of grade B dark amber has a nice strong flavor to it and that mixed with some hot water and some stevia will provide a nice maple syrup flavor with about the same sweetness without the same affect as maple syrup.

    Now the above does is not a recipe that a diabetic can have a tall stack of. Don't get the wrong idea. I freeze my batter in small batches and make myself one or two small pancakes at a time. I don't drown them in my syrup recipe. I just use a light drizzle and I slice the butter paper thin just so I can get the flavor. This is a treat I might have twice a month and I skip fruit for the day when I do.

  4. My home fries:

    Mostly potato skins
    cooked in olive oil
    no salt
    Seasoned by herbs I grow in my garden + paprika and cumin.
    I add diced onions to enhance the flavor.'
    I use sugar free home made ketchup.

  5. When I was diagnosed with type II diabetes two years ago I dumped a lot of stuff from my fridge and cupboards and went shopping at a nearby health food store. This is what I found. Every cereal and cereal related product they sold except raw whole oats, had added sugar and I could not eat it. but then I continued. Every loaf of bread also had as a key ingredient, sugar. I looked at their creamery butter and found even THAT had sugar added. They had NOT sugar free cookies or other sweet snacks at all. Every canned food also had excessive amounts of salt. While most people don't think of salt as something bad for diabetics, it is bad for people with high blood pressure and half of everyone with diabetes also has high blood pressure including me. The shelf labeled "diabetic snacks" had 17 items on it including 15 made from simple carbohydrates which are NOT suitable snacks for diabetics. Most were various crackers made from white flour. Of the remaining two snacks both had sugar as the 2nd ingredient. I brought this to the attention of the manager who insisted that since the venders call them safe for diabetics who was I to question that and I said "a diabetic who knows better and your former customer." When it comes to diabetes trust no one. I bake my own bread and prepare all my meals. 95% of "diet" foods are unsafe for diabetics or people with high blood pressure. 75% of "heart safe" foods are also unsafe for people with heart conditions. 2/3 of all foods labeled for diabetic diets are not safe for people who have diabetes. 80% of sugar free snacks and beverages are unsafe for people with diabetes. 100% of all sugar free cookies that I have ever found for sale are unsafe for diabetics due to being 90% simple carbs. So I make my own. I make oatmeal cookies using oatmeal and non wheat multigrain flour, eggs, stevia for sweetener, cinnamon (which is good for diabetics) for flavor.

  6. Welcome to disinformation HQ. What a mess to unpack. Stay away from processed ANYTHING, all breads and starches and juices unless you use almond or coconut flower and eat fruit in moderation in season ONLY. Bacon by the ton as long as carbs = zero for the day. Make your own hash browns with avocado oil or EVOO and cut the potato with riced cauliflower by half, prepare, freeze thaw twice to produce prebiotic resistant starch. IF daily. Try 2-4 day fasts. GLTA

  7. idk why I'm watching this..
    ..i don't EAT breakfast..i
    wake up at 11am & i just
    Drink my coffee.i only eat
    1meal a day.. at 4pm i eat
    with salad+walnuts in it..i
    eat different meals every day….i'm not a WEIRDO.

  8. Extremely depressing. Looks like the only thing you can have for breakfast anymore and still stay healthy is a glass of water. But I bet all the toxins and poisons in that makes it bad to

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