Organic Cooking

Traditional organic food is healthier than modern food

Traditional organic food is healthier than modern food.

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  1. Su ve sabundan haberleri yok sanırım insan bitlenir yedikleri hep aynı çocuk yapmaktanda geri kalmamışlar bukadar yokluk içinde sürüyle çocuk bakımsızlık pislik yazık bence😔

  2. I know how they live and raise their children but if they just put some socks on the babies and maybe some shoes sneakers slippers I know they get lots of gifts from other people they wear beautiful Coats but I'd like to see something on their legs in their feet that would avoid some of the snotty noses and coughs can you help them out Mr. Camera man

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  4. Most of them have smooth & healthy skin. Even their kids look so cute with chubby cheeks. The power of organic foods 🌿🌱🍃🌾☘️

  5. И снова то же чудо – блюдо ! Как скудно и однообразно питаются , в каждой семье одно и то же

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