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Trying the "Best" Vegan Items At Trader Joe's | $100 Grocery Haul

We asked on Instagram what your favorite Trader Joe’s products are and today we are testing them out…A LOT of them haha.

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  1. Don't take this the wrong way, but you guys apologize, made me feel a little normal (I do it a lot too.) You guys do a fantastic job, I love how honestvyour reviews are. Also you guys come off so genuine, and make it less scary for me personally to go vegan. I'm working on cutting dairy out, cheese is my only weakness.

  2. wow just found this channel love these vids Jasmine a I dislike the same things and it seems like she's avoiding coconut for some reason and I'm allergic so thats making my grocery list super easy LMAO

  3. Interesting reviews… kinda' wish you went over the ingredients lists of the products moar. When I go to Trader Joes I pretty much try to just stick to buying the stuff that only has an ingredient list in the low single digits… like… natural peanut butter, raw sunflower seeds, herbs, arugula, or like… at the most complex… tempeh. I'd be worried with lots of these foods that they'd be loaded with sugars/sugar-subs or wheat/gluten type stuff… gotta' avoid spiking those blood sugars… leaving you with those hungry/addicted feelings of needing more soon after eating… ;-;

  4. I love the flavor of the vegan pesto but there was almost like a sandy gritty texture in the past THREE containers I ate 🙁 I’m thinking they don’t wash the kale properly??

  5. So if a vegan doesn't eat meat because its ethically/morally wrong. Isn't it still ethically/morally wrong to eat fake meats and dairy products? Isn't that playing mind games with your self? Eating meat is wrong but my entire vegan diet consists of eating fake dead animals.

  6. Thanks for reviewing so many items. I always get the vegan tikka masala. But we will have to just disagree on the vanilla cashew yogurt. Its my favorite vegan yogurt of all time.

  7. I've had that cashew yogurt and it definitely has a super weird aftertaste that I don't like after the first bite but if you keep eating it the taste completely disappears even after the last bite. Idk what the science is behind that but if you keep eating it's pretty good lol

  8. Did you know that Trader Joe's is really just Aldi Nord in Sweden? Aldi Surd is the July 3 video you did, but they just have them separated to make Americans more comfortable with the name.

  9. pro tip, our vegan mac and cheese is amazing if you add a little more salt, some pepper and garlic powder. i like to add cayenne pepper or chili too, cuz I enjoy spicy mac, but without is also still great!

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