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Trying Tik Toks BEST cooking recipes

I am not even KIDDING THESE WERE SO DELICIOUS, the video: For the cinnamon roll pancakes you …

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  1. Those cinnamon roll pancakes i have seen them alot these couple of years, i think they came from tasty.
    I tried them but I didn't like how the sugar and the cinnamon melted of the pancake so i made an eggless batter and made stuffed pancakes
    I have a low standard for pancakes.

  2. Wait pause…. is no one going to talk about how her cinnamon rolls came in a box and she had to cut them herself. Like is that just the brand she got? Or do all cinnamon rolls come like that over there?

  3. i tried making the egg tortilla wrap thing and wow it was good buuut i cooked the egg a bit much which left the whole thing rock solid 🤓🤓

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