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Hey guys! Today I am sharing two recipes that would be perfect for Super Bowl: peanut butter fluff bars + french onion sloppy joe sliders! Be sure to check out the …

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  1. Help! I just tried your recipe and I baked it 15 minutes it still looked doughy…. so I put back in 3 more minutes and took it out bc you said not to overbake. I waited 15 minutes to let it cool and cut a piece to send home with my mom and the bottom is still dough! What do u recommend? ????!!!! I'm heating oven again.

  2. I am so glad y'all did this collab! I am going to make those fluff bars to take for my office pre-Superbowl party at work on Friday before Superbowl! However, those sliders, I was just talking to Mrs. Dickinson about LOVING sliders 😂, so this is something I absolutely know my guys would love and it will be coming to our menu soon! I made sloppy joe ones last night and they were soooo dang good! Thank you for your recipes! 💜

  3. My son tried to lick my phone screen. I guess he likes fluff bars. 😂 I'm only there for the commercials too and the FOOD. the egg edit was so cute! Butter makes everything better. Yum yum! Thank you for sharing!

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