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U.S. experts say traditional Chinese medicine shows promise in treating COVID-19

Scientists around the world have been working to find an effective treatment for COVID-19. Along with some anti-viral drugs, traditional Chinese medicine has …

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  1. Thanks to @dr_uze4 for helping Me with his herbal medicine to cure my diabetes completely, you are the best Dr ever..he can cure all sickness, like blocked tube, rabies, low sperm count/
    ejaculation,fever, ulcer e.t.c
    Get in touch with Dr on his instagram page @dr_uze4

  2. I know some people say tcm isn't sth true with much scientific evidence, but I like to include some anti viral ingredients into my diet and daily routine…♡ this is not because of only covid19.

  3. Most herbs don't even have side effects, especially not major ones. That major side effect category belongs to modern medicine. The only concerns would be an allergic reaction or overdose, which is actually for every medicine.

  4. CGTN is finded by the Chinese Communist Party but Youtube dont make this known like they do with otherstate funded media.Im not saying all CGTN is bad,we just have to be aware that sometimes they may have an agenda. This one for example lies bcz by this time it was well known Hydroxychloriquine IS effective.

  5. China have medicine of COVID and china not tell all of Countries

    All COuntries – lord will take care of china

    And CHINA IS SO BAD cuzz CHINA envious of other place and try to possess the phillippine SEA…..

  6. I had corona virus and got cured within 3 days by doing this treatment . Took 2 spoons of traditional chinese medicine (Tcm) and 2 spoons of shit 💩 and 2 spoons of urine everyday morning at 5 am

  7. Please to all people who can live in Wuhan China
    We need your medicine for coronavirus because all the half of our Filipino or other country was we have the case of that pandemic deceased,,, I wish all of u could help other country or people has want to survive for this case,,,,thanks for ur understanding,,, i`m Jane from the Philippines,,,,

  8. You can grow a herb and thus wont have to buy them. Hence why western doctors and practioners dont promote them. Cant make any money off it.

  9. Traditional Chinese medicine was totally unable to keep the virus contained in one Chinese District… Now the virus is global.. This is just another attempt to get the public back to spending money within Chinese businesses…. FAIL!!!!😐

  10. Fair report. Do I think it will work? Doubtful, otherwise why is the outbreak still prevalent in China? On the other hand, why not try it and see what happens? Patients present with different physiological profiles and presentations so while not a panacea, it may be effective for the right patient.

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