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We can never say no to Mac & Cheese This recipe is perfect for a grey day like today, it’s incredibly comforting and full of flavour. We can practically guarantee …

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  1. Love the recipe thanks. After buying your latest book I’m using loads of tapioca flour to make cheesy sauces. So that raises the question. Is better to use tapioca or plain flower for this? Cheers.

  2. Yummmm!!!

    Hope you don’t mind me saying but I’m a new YouTuber and I love filming vegan baking videos, hauls and vlogs! I would be so blessed if you could check my channel out ❤️

  3. Easier and equally as delicious vegan mac & cheese recipe is to make a bechamel sauce using Miyoko's butter, unsweetened plant milk, 1..5 blocks of Vitolife Epic Mature Cheddar (per 1 lb. of pasta) & nutritional yeast.

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