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Umar Johnson Interview With The Breakfast Club (7-18-16)

Dr. Umar Johnson discusses the social racism in the country, President Obama not helping blacks, will an economic boycott work, leadership in the black …

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  1. Umar is genius,who has come to open the eyes of the blacks on issues.All he is saying is a continuation of what icons like Malcolm x,Dr Abdulrahman,the man who served in nation of lslam and later got an issue and was suspended ,the same way Malcolm suffered,now a new Star in the same direction emerged,that is a clinical psychologist,very aggressive, thought ful and lntelligent.Blacks where ever they are need self reexamination,the history of slavery can not be sweped under the carpet,justice must be served,a reconnection to Africa via enlightment, cutting off the new mode of slavery via neocolonialism,the question of reparations both to the blacks in America,the carribeas or where ever they can be found as long as they are victims of slave trade need to be compensated not only in kind but by apology.Umar is a thinker and l totally ldentify with his mission.May God see his project through ameen

  2. He knows and he is a master African Studies major but are you an activist on just Black Americans. Are you blaming Black Crimes on the system and the way they haved been mistreated. Obama was a great President because he cared about all americans but you expected black privilege just like White's. The first thing that Blacks should change is to let the past go and focus on the future and Parenting is #1, Education, hate and be humble not defensive.

  3. This was deeper than an interview, you don't leave the same after receiving this This Type of information…
    I don't understand how this interview didn't spark a fire under us as African people…

  4. I still think obama did his best and people gave him a hard time, so with Joe biden. I seen more black people excusing trump's ignorance than seeing that people stood in the way of what Obama was trying to do. But aside from that I agree with Umar

  5. Hahaha …. this right here is some of the DUMBEST shit iv heard in a long while……. This is some indoctrinated uneducated bullshit hahaha stop voting for the Democrats then if you don't like all the shit you're complaining about………..

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