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UNIVERSAL Stir Fry Sauce – For veggies, meat, rice, noodles!

Use can use this sauce as is, or jazz it up when you cook with tips in the video, but this will save you a lot of time when you need food fast. It works as a stir fry …

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  1. HELLO LOVELY VIEWERS! I hope you enjoy this video! If you have any questions about this recipe be sure to watch the video and read the written recipe on the website and your question might be answered there. I often add extra tips and notes not covered in the video.

    If you still have questions you can post it here for the community to answer, but if you want to ask me, you can post it to my Facebook page, Tweet me, or refer to the contact page on my website (see links in the description above). If you leave questions in the comments I may not see them due to the large volume of comments. Thank you for watching!

    Mixed Vegetable Stir-Fry Recipe:
    Holy Basil Chicken Stir Fry Recipe (Pad Gaprao):

  2. After watching this video last nigh, I cooked the Mixed Vegetables with Egg Noodles using the sauce recommended here and added Vinegar and hot Chilly Sauce to it and also a teaspoonful of Chinese Salt ( Sodium Mono glutamate) Flavor enhancer. My wife loved it and remarked that she never tasted a Veg Stir Fry as delicious as this one.
    Next I will try it with King Prawn/Veg Stir Fry soon.

  3. If I wanna add sesame sauce, siaoxing wine and sugar in my stir fry sauce batch, will that influence how long it'll last? I would like to make stir fry sauce in batch but I'm always unsure how to even determine how long it'll last

  4. Thanks so much. I really am grateful for the stuff you share with us. Oyster sauce sure is a surprise isn't it? When I discovered mixing it with soy sauce and fish sauce, I became even happier!! I also regularly keep some golden mountain soy sauce on hand too…

  5. Great video as always. I never considered making a large bottle and storing in the fridge. Maybe i am using too much, for two large portions of choi sum and chicken I pretty much use that exact amount in the whole dish (maybe bit less than 1/4 cup oyster). But then i would throw in maybe 1/4 cup of water near the end for a juicy/watery base. Just wanted to say big thanks, I have been watching for at least 5 years I have learnt so much from you. (ps just subscribed with newer acct)

  6. It’s a great stir fry sauce. So easy to make and so good. Fried different vegetables with the sauce. Even used it for yam rice; 1.5 TBSP for 1 cup of rice. Thanks Pailin!

  7. This video is all I wanted😎❤️🥰 I found you through your "which wok pan to use" video. I have an induction stove, what should I use as a pan since apparently the coal wok does not work well for induction? so happy i found you since cooking authentic food from other countries have become one of my passions in life.🥰💕

  8. Yes YES! I love the Panda brand Oyster sauce and always the Golden Mountain soy sauce, except for sushi, its Kikkoman. I gotta try your sauce on venison / deer meat. For anyone that has never tried this type of Thai sauce on deer meat, you don't know what you are missing. I use Oyster sauce, fish sauce, raw egg, palm sugar as a marinade and cook it down with butter and canola oil, served with sticky rice, jeow bong and papaya salad. I'd love to see a recipe for your version of Jeow bong Pai. Thanks for this sauce recipe.

  9. I use this for Pad See ew, and Kee Mao. But for Grapao I don't use the Oyster so it gets it's own dedicated sauce session 😉

    Side note, my new Thai housemate brought me my holy grail: my very own Holy Basil/ Tulsi plant. Been searching for years! Can't wait to take cuttings and clone it! #BasilForDays

  10. Hello Pailin! I have a question regarding the shelf life of sauces after i noticed the best by date on your Golden Mountain sauce said 2015 on it: can you tell me what an approximate shelf life would be for opened sauces? Do things like soy sauce and oyster sauce need to be refrigerated after you open them? I've always heard that they have "enough salt" that they can last a long time but I'm still cautious. Thanks in advance.

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  12. I bought the naam phrik pao that she uses here to compare against my own. Similar taste and sweetness but man mine is so much hotter and way better. More rustic for sure.

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