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VEGAN 2020 | EPIC Vegan ASDA Haul | Come Shopping With Us!

OUR MERCH: So ASDA won the poll, and that’s ruddy well where we’ve …

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  1. Omg I can't believe you saod bright light. I used to do that as a kid with my brother. If it was shining through the window or if we came out the cinema and went stary eyed and we'd say it at the same time. Still do sometimes. Haha x

  2. Hi my lovelies I hope your well?
    I’ve had a major operation so just catching up. Thanks for sharing …. funny enough I just finished an Alpro dark choc dessert and saw your on the conveyor belt👍🏾I usually refrigerate them as it’s delicious served cold … Anyway the invite is still open for a fresh Jamaican patty x

  3. Another great vlog. I wish that was my local Asda! The larger stores tend to have a better range. I loved it when you picked up the Candy Kittens Paul and said you were getting them all 😂 You have to grab vegan stuff before it disappears these days 👍

  4. I had a big shop delivered from asda the other day. I got the houmous pizza which I am going to have later, looks yummy. I like the asda extra special biscuits for cheese which are vegan, made in Canada (I have relatives there so like getting Canadian stuff plus Justin is lovely). I got the fake double gloucester (onion & chive) which is only a £ for 200G right now.

  5. Richmond vegan sausage never heard of them Josephine x EDIT: And finally…why weren’t I privy to this here voted shop referendum thingy huh…,I just might take humbridge next time. ☹️🤫🤥😬

  6. This has been really helpful as I've only been vegan for 3 weeks so still getting the hang of all the different vegan foods and where best to shop….you guys are amazing I've think I've watched about 15 of your videos this afternoon the are all fab

  7. Great video guys I wonder if asda have teamed up with Iceland. As tesco did with argos as I bought a chicken one day and the leg fell off lol sorry for the bad joke. Keep up with the great videos👍🤘

  8. I read somewhere that the brand wasn't iceland specifically making it, but they had the rights to be the only shop to sell that brand for a few years and now the rights are up and it's fair game who makes deals with that company to sell it now 🙂

  9. I love our local asda . Its a five minute walk from me. Very handy .

    Ive now got a bigger phone so i can watch you on the phone instead of the tv…and comment EEEEK!

    You two are so sweet . I love way you love each other xx

  10. Nice work guys!
    How about a review of just the Wicked Kitchen stuff from Tesco's? (Unless I missed a video on this already!)

    The range seems to be growing steadily, and even their pot noodle thingies are "wicked".

  11. The asda plant base cauliflower popcorn is lovely. It can be bland but toss it in S&P and chilli flakes or whatever seasoning you want and they are lush. I buy them all the time. Yum

  12. Did you find out why they were selling Iceland products? It's most peculiar and no mistake. I goggled it but no answer. I've now tried the Applewood Vegan Cheese from Asda in Crewe, makes a great toastie. It's very good! Thanks for the video, guys! x

  13. Is the likkle wee Asda on Hollins Road? Whipped in there on me jog the other day to grab some Applewood. (just heard ya say Chadderton so ignore, abort, abort, abort).

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