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VEGAN 2020 | Heron Foods Mini Haul & Vegan Slimfast sale at Boots | Come Shopping With Me!

OUR MERCH: A little trip out, documented. Some bits and bobs. x Vegan …

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  1. I'm like you Paul, and rarely pop into Heron (mainly because it costs me £5 on the bus to get there!!!) but when I do pop in, I never leave empty handed! Theres always something vegan in there that's just too good an offer to miss! Like you always say, it would be rude not too! 😂👍

  2. You VLOG was perfect for a debate with a person who said veganism is expensive. So popped on this vlog with a shopping VLOG and they seemed to be a bit quiet after that. Thank you for helping disprove silly comments. Ah top drawer result there my lovely with H&B. How lovely of the manager.

  3. I used to watch Deliciously Ella’s channel around 4/5 years ago…..reminds me I must make her date energy balls again they were lovely. Great vid Paul thanks x

  4. This Karens not grumbling, they're fantatstic prices for LM's stuff. Well done on H&B haul Paul, but yeah…you're no Jason with Polly Panasonic but defintely thinking Carol needs to have a go cause Im sick of cleaning me glasses when its really Polly out of focus 😝 xx

  5. Great vlog , thanks for doing a heron vlog .. even though you wasn’t doing any more shop requests 😁 we was thinking about going to wing yip one weekend for the tofu , I wonder if recent events with the virus have effected it .

  6. What a lovely lady I’m holland and Barrett

    Great vlog really enjoyed the seeing what’s in heron

    Ps Paul you looked fab today ( you always do ) but I just wanted to say it x

  7. wow linda is so cheap in uk !! so jealous!!!! we have to import everthting so here in spain its 6 -7 euro just for ONE packet of lindas vegan saugages or lindas pies thats why i only buy linda on christmas as a treat (my christmas dinner)

  8. starbucks have vegan ice coffee ????? doesnt exist here in spain:( but i do get a spanish brand vegan iced coffee in a shop every morning on way to work, but its 2 euro and i gulp it down in 2 seconds so hardly worth it. im so jealous of the cheap prices in the UK!

  9. Wow free food. You can't beat that bargain! It looked like you got some really good stuff too. I didn't know that vegan slimfast exsisted. It looks like it would be great in a smoothie with frozen banana like you said and other frozen fruits as well. 👍✌🌱

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