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VEGAN Beef + Pickle Tacos! 🌮 🧀 🤗 SO GOOD 👌

Amazing vegan beef, cheddar, and pickle taco recipe! Meal prep and family friendly with a hack for getting vegan cheese to melt + how to make vegan taco …

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  1. I made these exactly as written, and omgsh, they were outstanding!! 🤤 So much so that I was compelled to get a couple of taco holders for serving, because these are going to be a thing at my house, and the small Pyrex dish I used the first time just wasn’t cutting it for presentation! Another winner, Nikki, thank you!!

  2. This is unfair punishment!
    1. My area does not sell vegan sour cream or hard vegan cheese.
    2. Thrive market won't ship to my country.
    3. We have no Trader Joe's.
    Nikki what are ya doin to me?! I really want to make this recipe😭
    (I know it's not your fault…my country just sucks because it's so behind in veganism. ..and I live in an area where one of the top industries is animal agriculture. So many freak out if they think you are against it. 😧)

  3. I’m really excited to start shopping with Thrive Market. I’ve been trying to use up my pantry food, rather than stocking up, since I’m moving at the end of the month. These tacos look SO delicious, and I’m excited to try them!

  4. Can’t wait to try. This sounds soooo good. We often to “sushi” tacos. And absolutely love it.
    – Sushi Rice
    – pickled Red Onions
    – any roasted veggies (we often do what we have on hand which is often potatoes – which we will season with “taco seasoning”
    – Kimchi

    SOUNDS WEIRD, I know. It it’s soooo good.

  5. I've definitely noticed that block (vegan) cheese that you grate yourself tastes so much better than the pre-shredded kind, but had no idea why… thank you for the info!

  6. Pickles on tacos?! The Mexican is me might have shed a tear…😂 but I trust your recipes wholeheartedly (they’ve never let me down, not even once!) that I’m actually excited to try this recipe! Thank you for putting all the effort that you do into your videos, providing knowledge and tips that are so helpful! 💕

  7. Using lentils as beef great idea, I make a LENTIL BOLOGNESE and it tastes great. LENTILS are hight in Protein, Rich in Iron, Folate and anti inflammatory. Helps reduce several Heart disease risks. Improves Digestion, Diabetes control, cancer management and prevention of Anemia. and it also improves electrolytic activity do to potassium.

  8. Hi guy's, I am a new vegan youtuber and I just done a 'my vegan story' video on my account and would really appreciate it if anyone could check it out!! I am also gonna be posting loads of vegan content in the future. Also, I want to support other small youtubers!!

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