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VEGAN BURRITO BOWL | Better-Than-Chipotle

Don’t forget to hit the LIKE button! What’s better than a taco bowl? THIS TACO/BURRITO BOWL! It’s next level yummy, and made with wholesome ingredients …

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  1. Girl, I learned in the early 80s from a great vegan chef never to use the sharp side of the knife to Kobe the veggies on the cutting board. Please, use the top non sharp side! Thanks 4 ur vids!

  2. So delicious 🤤 I enjoyed cooking from your book and being 90% vegan 🌱 also in the last 8 months eating the plant base lifestyle and IF and workouts I have loss 180 pounds in 8 months 305 to current 140 pounds love 💕 the plant-base lifestyle

  3. My family is loving on me tonight for making this burrito bowl, my daughter said we should go vegan…lol now you know i need your cookbook, i am so happy i found your channel.

  4. This is the first vegan meal I’ve ever made in my life. Recipe said 30 min but it took me 2 hours 😂😂 I would do it again in a heartbeat for how delicious this was!! I can not adequately express how excited I am to try more vegan foods! Thank you!!

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