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Vegan Cheese Taste Test – Picking the BEST Vegan CHEDDAR

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  1. Shreds are always worse than normal. That's very basic knowledge and applies just as much to vegan cheese. It's just easy logic, they need to put something in and/or on the cheese so the shreds won't stick and just end up in a clump. And of course that will affect the texture and taste of the cheese. In my experience, everyone knows this, I haven't seen or heard of anyone buying pre-shredded for a long time because it has such a bad reputation. A bit disappointed actually, what could have been a good video is useless because of this.

  2. Can you please do a heavy whipping cream? I’ve tried the cashew cream and it doesn’t heat well. I am dying for sage cream sauce with pumpkin ravioli

  3. Best Vegan cheese for cooking and melting is violife from my experience. Best cheese to be eaten with crackers or as a cheese plate is Miyoko's cheeses especially for softer vegan cheeses.

  4. LOVE THE VIDEO. THANK YOU. been fighting with vegan cheese for a while now. Violife it is. Odd I haven't seen 365 cheese at whole foods yet. Daiya makes my foods taste like poured sugar in my foods

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